Whip of God is a Gems of War guild.

Membership rule: Heroes not playing for more than seven days MAY be kicked from the guild!

Promotion rule for Spirits(Tier 5): 77k donation

Promotion rule for Seraph and Archons(Tier 4 and 3): 222k donation.

Demotion for less than 22k donation.

Promotion and Demotion is done once per week, usually on Mondays.

You can check your stats in Guild/Roster.

If the upper numbers (weekly resources contributed) next to gold coins, seals and trophies are all zeroes at the end of GoW week then you might be kicked.

If you feel that a promotion or a demotion is in order then don’t hesitate to contact us!

We do our best to provide content in English and Hungarian languages.

Good luck in your Game!